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Accreditation is a process that can be time consuming, burdensome, and frustrating.  It requires numerous hours of preparation before the application can be completed and submitted. The Surgisys approach was created by technologists experienced in accreditation and is designed to relieve you and your staff of the labor burden and associated costs, reduce IT burden and costs, and the worry of not getting accredited.

Vascular accreditation from ICAVL involves the Organization section and up to five different sections: Extracranial Cerebrovascular, Intracranial Cerebrovascular, Peripheral Arterial, Peripheral Venous, and Visceral Vascular. 

We offer the following services:

1. Internet based software applications to track and manage patient care, view outcome reports, practice management reporting, and manage images to utilize as tools for accreditation

2. Dedicated accreditation project manager to guide you through the whole process - start to finish!

3. Trained personnel for data input of your studies into our Internet based software application(s).

4. Review and update, or development of, a Lab Policies and Procedures Manual to include staff (medical and technical) duties, staff credentials and CME requirements, patient and staff safety, infection control, equipment maintenance and preventive maintenance, final reporting process.

5. Review and update, or development of, exam protocols.

6. Review of vascular lab examinations/studies to include clinical indications, exam worksheet completeness, and appropriate interpretation.

7. Review and update, or development of, a Quality Assurance Manual to include specific examination diagnostic criteria, exam correlations including process and personnel responsibility.

8. After review of all areas of the lab's operation, recommendations will be provided with a plan for implementation to meet the ICAVL standards.

9. Completion of the accreditation application and assistance with the selection of the required number of case studies for initial accreditation or reaccreditation.

10. Submission of the accreditation application after review and approval of the lab's Medical Director and Technical Director.

11. Review with the Technical Director and/or Medical Director any critiques provided by the ICAVL for suggested improvements prior to next accreditation process.

12. Review with the Technical Director and/or Medical Director any critiques provided by the ICAVL that would delay accreditation or reaccreditation. Would assist in the development and implementation of a plan to address any deficiencies which would then result in achieving accreditation.

13. Image storage and management.

14. Project Schedule and monthly updates.

15. Ongoing Quality Assurance via Quarterly Outcome Reports includes:

  • Volume analysis (overall and specific staff);
  • Exam indications;
  • Staff (medical and technical) CME audit;
  • Timeliness of final reports;
  • Final report appropriateness;
  • Exam correlation analysis;
  • Recommendations to rectify any identified deficiency

16. Multi-year data input for ongoing quality assurance, outcome reporting, and re-accreditation

No service plans, upgrade costs, extensive training or heavy IT burden.

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