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Physician final reports

Our internet-based applications can produce final physician interpretation "on the fly".  Surgisys can customize drop down choices to enable standardization of final reports within the organization.  Once the worksheet has been entered by our data entry personnel the physician can then review the images and can then go to conclusion section of the application and complete the drop down interpretations along with a drop down recommendation.  After the completion of the above steps the print final report button is clicked and a final interpretation report is automatically generated.


Clinical Outcomes Reporting

Our most powerful reporting feature is clinical outcomes reporting. This capability allows the practitioner to dynamically select from over 6,000 report combinations "on the fly."  Our internet based patient data collection allows you to analyze trends from a clinical perspective. Aggregated patient data over time creates significant value for the practice. We can customize the patient input in our system if you need to track something not in our data base at no charge to you.


Quarterly Practice Management reports

The Surgisys IT platform can produce accurate reports for various aspects of daily operations such as:

  • Total procedural volume (complete with extent example: unilateral-left, unilateral-right, or bilateral)
  • Reading Physician volume (complete with specific exam)
  • Technologist volume (complete with specific exam)
  • Location of exam volume
  • Reading time
  • Transcription time
  • Signature time
  • Patient clinical indications per exam type
  • Test outcome (positive, negative, equivocal, or Undiagnostic)
  • Referral patterns
  • Overall correlations for each test (complete with matrix)
  • Correlations for each test per reading physician (complete with matrix)
  • Correlation for each test per technologist (complete with matrix)
  • Evaluation summary This is an objective overview of the quality aspect of the lab

We also can recommend steps needed to get your organization to those standards and compliance requirements. These practice management reports become invaluable as you strive to deliver the highest in patient care and practice profitability.

Surgisys iMAP products incorporate practice management solutions in each vascular specialty area program. Without changing your current practice software you can increase your efficiency because Surgisys handles all data input and reporting as well as system upgrades, data back-up and security.