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Accreditation is not, nor should it be for the patient's sake, an easy process. We at Surgisys recognize and understand your challenges because we run a busy lab ourselves. That's why we have developed a streamlined and easy approach to get you accredited. And best of all, our pricing plans are the most competitive in the market today.

Utilizing the iMAP accreditation programs, the Surgisys accreditation team can easily guide you down the path to accreditation while also providing invaluable practice management and outcome reporting data. Surgisys staff can help you with writing protocols and correlations that meet ICAVL and ICAEL standards for carotid, arterial, venous and echocardiography.  Your dedicated accreditation project manager will make recommendations to get you and keep you on track to accreditation. Your Surgisys team will work with you to make the application process as smooth as possible.  Surgisys' products are approved to integrate directly into the ICAVL and ICAEL accreditation programs.